2" Glass Evil Eye Amulet Talisman Home Accessory  #5402
2" Glass Evil Eye Amulet Talisman Home Accessory

2" Glass Evil Eye Amulet Talisman Home Accessory #5402

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Blue Glass Evil Eye Amulet Home Decoration

Enjoy this custom made glass nazar amulet Evil Eye Home Decoration. This Turkish made unique evil eye talisman was made to be a home decoration, with its vibrant colors and one of a kind craftsmanship this Lucky Eye decoration will brighten up any room. Add the power, protection and good fortune of the evil eye anywhere you choose to hang this evil eye amulet decoration.

Evil Eye Amulet Measurement
2 Inches - 5 CM

This universal symbol of the Lucky Eye is very popular in many African and Middle Eastern countries originating in Greece and traveling throughout Turkey. It represents protection, blessings, power and strength.
The Lucky Eye Evil Eye is often displayed in shops, houses, and even on vehicles. It's believed that some people have power in their looks that can harm other people, domestic animals, goods, and properties.

Shop Evil Eye Mall today, save big on our continual promotions. This Evil Eye decoration is perfect for any occasion, give as a lucky eye protection gift or anything you deem worth protecting.

Lucky Eye is also known as the evil eye, the Nazar eye, blue eye, hamsa eye, Greek evil eye and so much more. Let the Legend of the Lucky Eye be with you!